…:: Machine VS Bamboo ::…

Bamboo tattoos damage your skin less than machine and so in turn heal faster, allowing you to jump back in the water within a couple days. It’s the perfect opportunity to have your unforgettable travels leave it’s artistic mark in a way that can’t be found back home. It’s also the old traditional way that the ancient Buddhist monks have used for hundreds of years to deliver the sacred Sak Yant (“magic tattoo”) for protection and good luck. You can of course bring any design to be done by bamboo, or sit down and select which traditional Sak Yant fits your purpose and personality best. There’s nowhere else in the world where they do this exact style of  traditional tattoo…. when in Rome….

On the other hand, if you have a specific design in mind that involves a lot of color or detailed shading work, you might be better suited going with machine. Machine is done much faster than bamboo which means less time under the needle, and has less limitations on styles that can be achieved. If you’d like, our artist can give good honest advice on which method would produce a better outcome for what you’re looking for.

There’s a rumor that bamboo tattoo isnt as permanent and fades away- incorrect. If done properly, a bamboo tattoo will last the same as any machine tattoo. A situation in which a bamboo tattoo fades away, is if the artist has tattooed the design too lightly and the ink doesn’t take hold of the skin. The design would lightly scab and you’d be able to scrape the design off shortly after. Our artist has fixed many poorly done tattoos like this. On machine, you can set the depth of the needle by a dial- easy. With bamboo tattoo, you’re doing this manually by each puncture of the skin- it takes years of practice and experience to master the proper depth to create a sharp and professional looking tattoo that doesnt spread or fade. Not every Thai boy with a stick can pull this art off, so please always ask to see portfolios before considering getting work done in Thailand. I’ve met many people who have had an impression that the risk of a tattoo out here is clean needles, when in fact, the risk is more in a novice artist posing like he knows what he’s doing. Sealed sterile needles are very cheap and easy to obtain in bulk- but there are a lot of people out there without any experience looking to make a quick buck, and they don’t mind giving you a crappy regrettable tattoo to do it. Tattoos and brain surgery- there are certain things in life that aren’t worth cutting corners on.


Here is some additional information on traditional bamboo tattooing: